The five cornerstones every business needs to succeed online:
Written by Don Osborn on May 14th 2019
We hear a lot about "digital marketing" these days, but just what does that term mean? Here are the five basic elements that act as the core basics:

1. A Good Lead Generation Website

Notice I said good and not steller? You website has one job and that is to generate sales leads. Make the phone ring. For that to happen, your site needs to be highly functional and speak directly to the potential customer. Find out more.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If new customers can't find your site, its probably because they found your competitors site first. And because you are not optimized for search engines. And if you are not on Google's page one, it's not gonna happen. Find out more.

3. Google MyBusiness

If your customers are local, they rely on finding you through Google MyBusiness - the Google Maps where the top three listing show up on the first page. That's where you want to be. Take this FREE scan to see exactly how your company is doing. No obligation, and it's pretty revealing. Find out more.

4. Digital Marketing Tools

Not all tools are for every business, but most businesses benefit (or thrive) with the smart use of social media, email marketing, blogs, and the many other tools available today. Find out more.

5. A Plan

Here's a question: how much did you spend on marketing last year? Your plan should include everything from your budget, who (specifically) your customers are and why they buy, how many searches are happening in your area for your products/services, and how and why you spread out your marketing dollars. Find out more.

Don Osborn Consulting specializes in putting these pieces together in a way that gets you found and increases your bottom line. Do you have each one of these areas handled? If not, lets talk! The first meeting is free, and I guarantee you'll learn some valuable information whether we work together or not.

The Kicker

We all get a lot of emails and calls from folks selling SEO services. People we don't know and will never meet. I'm different. I meet and work with people in-person to get things put together. Once everything is in place, you hear from me a minimum of once every two weeks, reporting in on how things are going. And, I'm in or close to your time zone and speak perfect English. How 'bout that!
You know your business and your customers. The problem is time and money. You don't have the time to learn the ins-and-outs of digital marketing and don't have the budget to hire a full-time marketing person. That's where I come in.

Stop burning money on ineffective marketing and use the Internet the way it was designed to be used - to increase sales!

Don Osborn

Don Osborn helps small businesses increase their sales through organized and strategic marketing. He is an expert at the creation and implementation of marketing plans and strategies. If you're interested in expanding your business then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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