How To Say “No” To Ad Salesmen.
Written by Don Osborn on May 25th 2019
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We’ve all been there. A visit from the smiling, most-likely new-to-the-job media salesperson - reminding us about what ads we’ve been running and telling us all about a terrific special they are running on (fill-in-the-blank - radio spots & sponsorships, full page print specials or some holiday promotion). Can’t afford not to, right?

Well actually… what if we knew just how well the print or radio ads were doing? Imagine a world where we test various ad methods, and ONLY use the ones that generate sales leads. What a concept. A concept that is possible right now as we speak.

Lets look at newspaper ads for a moment:

It costs very little to rent a phone number that will ring to your regular number, but will also give you a monthly report as to how many times it was used. So we create a print ad that has a strong call-to-action for a specific item. “Discount only available on the phone!” Then we track how many calls we get. 

Of course, this works best with items that are bigger ticket and specific in nature, but imagine getting 12 calls and 3 purchases of a $1200 item, for an ad that costs $500. With these numbers, you paid $500 for sales of $3,600. Who wouldn’t keep up with that ad?

One of the beauties of digital marketing is the fact that it is absolutely measurable. But the diligent use of rented phone numbers, codes, coupons in print, direct mail, radio and even TV, your advertising decisions become more based on fact and far less on the whims of a newspaper editor who needs to sell ad space.

So the next time you are thinking about running an ad, consider taking some measurements and make that ad spend decision based on the most important number, your bottom line.

Don Osborn

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